Swarna Seeds

Established in 2010, Swarna Seeds is one of the latest entrants in the Indian seed industry. Since our inception we have made some great strides. We have established our captive farm, trial fields and processing plant at Burdwan, West Bengal, where we have developed a state of the art infrastructure based on the latest technology.

We currently deal in field crops like paddy, mustard, lentils, hybrid maize and vegetables cabbage, cauliflower, hot pepper, broccoli, bittergourd, bottlegourd, coriander , tomatoes etc.

We are part of the Universal Agro Chemicals Group , which has been a successful agri-inputs business for more than 40 years. We leverage the strong dealer-distributor network of our parent company and currently operate in states like West Bengal, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Tripura, Jharkhand, MP, Karnataka and Maharastra.

Swarna Seeds is committed to supplying high quality seeds. We follow stringent quality checks throughout - right from seed procurement to processing, packing, storing and delivering.

We have our own captive farm where we multiply breeder seeds under close supervision. Our field inspectors, train and handhold our network-farmers to produce foundation seeds. Each seed lot is subjected to strict quality checks in our plant before they are accepted.

We have a fully equipped laboratory with all modern lab. Equipment’s which ensures seeds supplied is of best quality and ensures excellent yield.
All our seeds are processed using modern machines imported from Europe which allow us to maintain best-in-class quality. These machines produce super-clean grains by automatically filtering out low grade seeds, over-sized and under-sized seeds, off-types, germinated seeds and immature grains.

Our storage godowns have been designed scientifically and built following best practices with respect to temperature, relative humidity, pest protection, dust and pollution control. Our conditioned storage godowns built with ambient insulations, speciality floorings, air-conditioners, and de-humidifiers show our focus on quality.

We are investing heavily in our research and development. Our team of scientists and experts, are working on our own hybrids in field crops and vegetables. We have developed a number of research varieties in paddy namely Shreya, Swastika, Urvashi and Swarna Super and hybrids of vegetables like tomatoes, brinjal, okra, hot pepper, beet roots, carrots, bottle gourds, bittergourds etc.

We plan to expand our footprint across India and global markets and add more products to our portfolio. We are entering into partnerships and collaborations with international majors both for exports and imports. With the support of our benefactors we hope to take Swarna Seeds to new heights.