Crop Protection

Our Crop Protection business is focused on manufacturing and marketing of insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides used for managing invertebrate pests and vertebrate pests, plant diseases, weeds and other pest organisms that damage agricultural crops and inhibit yields.


Insects like caterpillars and aphids can significantly reduce crop yields and quality. Insecticides minimize this damage by controlling these insects and pests. Crops like paddy, cotton, corn as well as fruits and vegetables are prone to pest attacks are require insecticides applications. Our extensive range of insecticides offers solutions for a wide range of crop-pest complexes. Our product portfolio includes molecules from every chemical group of insecticides, ranging from Organophosphates to Acaricide. Our research & development team is constantly innovating new farm protection solutions.



Weeds are undesirable plants growing within a crop. They compete for resources such as nutrients, water and light. Without weed control, crop yields can be significantly reduced. Weeds can also cause problems by harbouring pests and diseases, interfering with harvest operations, and increasing costs of cleaning and drying the crop produce. Our Selective Herbicides have been derived from a wide range of chemical classes with varying modes of action that have enabled yield improvement in key crops such as corn, rice, soybeans and wheat. Our Non-Selective herbicides eliminate all plants (if absorbed by green tissue) and are used primarily in plantation crops such as rubber, oil palm, orchards and vines. They are applied on weeds growing between the trees to facilitate passage in tropical crops, save moisture in vines and orchards, and to reduce erosion.


Fungicides prevent and cure diseases which can have severe adverse effects on crop yields and quality. Plant diseases are caused by a great variety of pathogens. Accordingly, it requires many products used singularly or in combination to control the full range of diseases in ways that minimize the chance of building resistance.

We offer a wide range of fungicides for grapes, potato, paddy, cotton and some horticulture crops. Our products cater to fungal problems ranging from mildews and blights, to wilts and blasts. To eliminate the problem of identifying the correct fungal infection, we have developed combination fungicides that have more than one mode of action and work effectively against a variety of infections.